50# Hickory Flat Bow

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50# Hickory Flat Bow

  • 62″ nock to nock
  • limbs are 1 9/16″ at the widest out to mid limb. The tapered to 11/16″ at the tip
  • 1/2″ thick at mid limb tapered off the fades. Then to 11/32″ at the tips.
  • Arrow shelf is layered leather glued with super glue
  • 52#@28″

This one started as a sapling about 2 1/2″ in diameter

To dry it I put it in the upstairs of the shop, then after a few weeks moved it to a hot box. The hot box is really just a section of 8″ chimney fastened to the rafter directly under the roof (metal over plywood). It has a small fan blowing through the pipe.

I weight the stave when I put it in then every couple day (or when I think of it) and when it stops loosing weight it’s ready (this brings it to about 8%-9% MC)



Chronograph results

Name: 509 Gr Arrow-hickory Flatbow
Notes: Fast flight string – Final
Shots: 5
Average: 151 ft/s
SD: 2 ft/s
Min: 148 ft/s
Max: 153 ft/s
Spread: 5 ft/s
Barometric Pressure: 30 in Hg
Temperature: 70 F