70″ Elm Reflex Deflex Bow

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70″ Elm Reflex Deflex Bow

  • 34#@28″
  • 70″ tip to tip
  • 1 1/2″ wide limbs at the widest (tapers at mid limb)
  • Tapers to 1/2″ wide at nocks
  • Thickness is 3/4″ off fades, mid limb is about 5/8″ and tip are 7/16″
  • Handle is 4 1/4″ long, 1 3/8″ wide

Handle is wrapped with jute twine (this)

This is from an elm tree from my back yard. It was slowly dying so it was taken down. When I sawed it for lumber, I saved a couple of the slabs but was a little leery since it was a dying tree, and the bark almost just fell off it. My fears were semi justified. The first 2 bows I tried blew apart on me during tillering.

A fourth just went to firewood, i wasn’t going to risk any more time. But this one has held together, although it’s light. It’s just over 30# @ 28″. I gave it a slight reflex deflex when I heat treated it, which probably helps.

I’ve probably got 300 arrows through it at this point, so maybe it’ll hold together. I don’t have any light arrows but it’s still shooting the 550 grain arrows about 120fps. I’m not sure if the bow is accurate or with the light weight, I’m more accurate, but I hold a tighter group than anything else i have.



Chronograph reading:

Name: 397 Gr Arrow Elm Reflex Deflex
Shots: 5
Average: 131 ft/s
SD: 2 ft/s
Min: 129 ft/s
Max: 134 ft/s
Spread: 5 ft/s
Barometric Pressure: 29 in Hg
Temperature: 80 F