70″ HHB Stiff Tip Bow – Small diameter Sapling – Failed

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70″ HHB Stiff Tip Bow – Small diameter Sapling – Failed


On 7/23/2021 I started shooting this in. It’s a 70″ HHB Stiff Tip Bow, 50#@28″ made from a Small diameter Sapling. It’s shooting a 509gr arrow just over 160fps. That’s +11 or 12 over average. I’ve heard small diameter saplings are not as desirable because the small diameter has to much crown but I was thinking this crown is just right. This is my fastest bow yet (assuming it stays after being shot in)


Then on 7/24/2021 after about another 30-40 arrows, this happened:

So in an interest in post mortem, I grabbed my two moisture meters. The external sample read about 9.5% on both meters (a digital and a pin meter), but when I cut the sample, the inside read just under 6%, so I think I got this piece a little to dry and it wasn’t a crown issue.



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