A Rustic Corner Cupboard

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This morning my wife decided what she wanted to do with an oak door we bought some time ago at a flea market. She wanted a rustic corner cupboard to hold some crocks.

Now it was a bit chilly today here in the north east and I’ve got some white oak lumber to stack, but a nice fire in the new woodstove in the shop sounded like a really good idea. Out to the shop to find some rustic lumber.

So the vision……

Now I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have, but I think you can follow along.

The side trim is a few pieces of hand hewn beam I resawed a while ago. Basically I was just playing with the saw mill at the time. So I needed to split one in half. The Walker Turner seemed the perfect solution.

Also had to clean up some of the edges on this old lumber so out came the #9 1/2. Most of this my son found in an old barn he was working in. It all worked out perfect.

The rest is basic old lumber clean up, and my orders were “nothing fancy, I like it rustic”.

Over the course of the day it just kind of came together. I’ve still got some hinges to hange, and some minor clean up to do, but here is one xmas present down!


Thanks for taking a look.


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