Arrow Shaft/Dowel Maker – Take Four – 2″x72″ Jig

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Arrow Shaft/Dowel Maker – Take Four – 2″x72″ Jig

In my ever increasing attempt to better the arrow making experience, I came up with this jig to make arrows with the 2″x72″ grinder. This works better than the previous versions of arrow makers I’ve made. It’s much easier to calibrate and leaves the arrows with a better finish.

Although it’s made for the 2×72, i’m sure a similar version could be made for almost any belt sander. If you do decide to make one for a differnt belt sander, please let us know. Leave a comment here or join the diy forum.

I always start with a split board like i show in this post

actually, everything in that post, all the equipment and process can still be used in conjunction with this to get the correct spine you are looking for.



And here is another one I made a little simpler. This one is for 5/16″ arrows


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