Arrow Shaft/Dowel Maker – Take Two

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Arrow Shaft/DoweI Maker -Take Two 

I made three different Arrow Shaft/Dowel Makers

Remember bad arrows break. Keep your grain straight and test them well.

I wanted to try something that would work a little better in harder woods. There are lots of examples on the web for this style but it took a whole bunch of tinkering to get these to work.

I’ve tried this three or four times before I finally got this version that worked. Here is some advice if you want to try.

  • Start with a block about 2″ x 2″.
  • Use three different size drills to make the hole to guide the shaft through. About one third of the way through for each.
  • Make the first part of the hole slightly larger than the square stock. The square shaft should be able to spin freely in it, bit not wobble much.
  • The next part you want smaller, about half the distance from your first part of the hole to the final destination size. Both of mine start with 9/16″ and then 3/8″ or 5/16″
  • Next you want the exact size of the arrow. These two are 3/8″ and 23/64″.
  • Now slice into the hole from the top. Note mine is at a slight angle. I’m not sure if it matters but it worked for me.
  • Next cut into holes from the end for a blade platform.

Note one of my blades has a camber. I think a slight camber helps. It doesn’t have to be as prominent as mine. I wasn’t about to camber my new Hock blade though and it works as is. The aggressive camber was a previous attempt.

NOW, THIS I THINK IS IMPORTANT: Glue another block on the back. Once the glue is dry, continue the hole the exact size of the arrow. This does two things for you. It makes a better guide since it’s a complete hole without the top cut out, and it helps burnish the arrow.

I have to use an electric drill. The speed on my cordless just isn’t fast enough to get a good finish.

I show the whole assembly clamped together along with the bench. A bolt could be used to hold the blade if you prefer.

Add a piece to the back to get a solid through hole for a good shaft guide.
Add a piece to the back to get a solid through hole for a good shaft guide.


Add a piece to the back to get a solid through hole for a good shaft guide.


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