Crab Apple Flat Bow – I’m “Knot” Ready!

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Crab Apple Flat Bow – I’m “Knot” Ready!

This is probably a bit above my pay grade. My first time dealing with these kinds of knots.

I had this crab apple limb i cut in march. It was down to about 8.5% MC so I thought I’d give it a try. I really just wanted some practice with the “No Set” tillering. I never thought it would make it through.

The fact that is shoots amazes me. I had no predefined draw weight. I figured I would take what ever I could get.

I I tried to be patient (not my strong suit) and followed the no set tillering. Once I was pulling 45# at 26″ I started shooting and watching it. It was taking any set that I could see,  so I figured what the hell, I just started shooting it at full draw. I’ve now got a little over 200 arrow through it. It’s a tad over 50#@28″

It’s 68″ tip to tip.

The arrow shelf is antler. I’ve tapered it some and polished it a little since the photo here was taken. It’s glued on with super glue.

The large knot was filled with super glue.

Let me know what you think. I plan to finish it with spar varnish. Something new I’m trying since I am running out of tru-oil.


Finished Pictures



Crab Apple Flat Bow – I’m “Knot” Ready!
dimensions from bow center ---> Lower limb shown
T=Thickness, W= width
W 1.311.301.201.451.391.261.301.


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