Walnut live edge Charcuterie board or Cutting board

Charcuterie boards (also called serving boards or cheese boards)  Cutting boards, Bread board, and  Carving board among other phrases.

A few years ago a young couple purchased the farm down the road from me. Their insurance carrier insisted they remove a couple of walnut trees. They said if I helped take them down, I could have them. Now that they have been air drying in the barn, it’s time to make use of them.

In today’s marketing, the terms used for similar boards have become blurred. There are actual definitions for the designs of the different terms, but nobody follows them anymore. Most of the ones I’ve been working on can be used for almost any of the functions anyhow.

The handles where made from beech

It’s been somewhere around 35 years since I’ve made a cutting board, but as they say, it just like riding a bike.

Thanks for looking 


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