DIY Archery Target

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DIY Archery Target

I decided to replace the bales of hay I was using with a more permanent solution. Here is my zero cost to me solution.

I started with 2 – 8″ white oak boards about 54″ long.

Between them I ran some strips 1″ x 2″ to make a target 3′ wide and 3 1/2 foot high. It sits up off the ground. They were screwed in place.

I drilled holes every 2″ about 1/2″ in along both sides both front and back. I then stretched some string I had laying around through and across each hole. I figured this way If a sting got shot out it would be easy enough to replace just one or two lines. If you use a stranded string arrows may just go through it without breaking it. I’m sure some will need replacing after a while though. 

So far even the center isn’t bulging, but a few strings crossways would take care of it if it does.



I’ve read that the garden or landscape fabric makes a decent archery target face and I happened to have a role, so I thought I’d try it. I wrapped a piece so it was continuous down the inside of the front and up the inside of the back, letting in hang on the bottom. (I did wind up adding some slats to help hold it up)

I doubled this process just for some added durability. 

I figured once it gets shot out it will be easy to just wrap a new layer right over the top (Inside the strings like it is) with no reason to remove what’s there. 


On the back I added 2 layers of the carpet pad I show on my inside target but in the end I really wouldn’t have needed it.




I happened to have an old worn out punching bag so I pulled the old cloth pieces from that. Any old cloth or other suitable target material would have worked. I’ve read that stuffing old pallet plastic wrapping also works just fine. 


I added a piece of waterproof plastic on the back just to help keep it dry.

The another piece of white oak for the top (cover) and it’s done. Moved it to it’s new location and stated shooting.

I probably have about 3 hours total in this project.



I hope this DIY Archery Target sparks some ideas for you.


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