DIY Gun Vise

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DIY Gun Vise

This was a self thought design, so no plans. If the pictures are not self explanatory, feel free to ask any questions.

I use it for maintenance and gunsmithing. I’ve used it on rifles and shotguns alike. I really don’t move it about, but I suppose you could. I did at one time but now it’s permanently attached to the bench. The Organized compartments (well somewhat organized) and slots hold solvents, brushes, jags and cleaning rods for easy access. 

I built this about 30 years ago. I’ve built several others like it, some completely reverse for my left handed son and if you wanted it on the other end of a bench.

This diy gun vise is from red oak, but I’ve made them from several species of wood including pine.

The only change I would make, (and I keep saying I’m going to) is the hole that holds the cam should be elongated so it can be adjusted forward and backward. I often find myself removing it and setting it in front or behind the bolt. If you look close in the picture, the nut is missing. Typically it should be a little farther forward.

From outside to outside at the top, its 29 inches. This seems to be a good average. There have been times when I wish it was a little longer, and times when I wish it was a little shorter.

I’ve used this vise extensively. I’ve built and remodeled several Mauser and other bolt action rifles on it. I use it for most cleaning and refinishing task. Its not good for checking (I have another for that). I’ve built several stocks on it, including the one shown. This was built from a tree I cut down.

As always, questions and comment welcome. I’d also like to see what you have!


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