From Implement tine to Froe

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I’ve made a few items from these implement tinesincluding a knife. Here I made a couple Froes. I sold all I had last year, including my user at a flea market, so it was time.

This was the first time using the forge at my new shop, so it took some setup as well, but it took all day for these four.

The handles are air dried hickory. I rived each handle using the actual froe they would go on. I draw knived to rough shape, the used the 2×72 with 36 grit to refine them. I hand sanded with 150 grit and soaked them in BLO overnight. 

There is a 13″, a 14″ and two 15″ froes.


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  1. Hello, Mr. Wilwol;
    Your froes look good. I want a 15″ froe, at least to start. I want to split some wood for chair parts.
    When I was a boy there were old ‘ladderback’ chairs around that I think were made by hand the ole time way. I want to try to make a chair or 2 & I need a froe.
    Thank you, sir.

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