Leather Side Quiver

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Leather Side Quiver

I’ve been hunting with this old quiver this bow season, trying to decide what style quiver I’ll hunt with when I’m dragging a self bow through the woods and fields chasing whitetail. This is one I made as a prototype out of an old quiver that I had laying around. It worked fairly well but it’s quit ugly and had a few shortcomings I wanted to fix. I planned to wait until after deer season, but it was raining to hard to bow hunt today, and I wasn’t about to waste a vacation day, so I decided to make myself a new one.

I wanted something That would hold six broadheads. The old one would hold six, but it was a little tight, so the new one is just a little bigger. I didn’t want it bulky either, so I tried for as small as the six arrows fit comfortably. A few field or blunts will fit easily as well.

Ever since I started making self bows, I’ve had problems deciding on a hunting quiver. In the past, I’ve always hunted with a quiver on my bow, but making the self bows had me liking the bow without one.

Also I almost always hunt with a day pack, so a back quiver never seemed to work.

With the back pack, a strap wasn’t the answer either, so I also wanted a belt clip. This meant having the split (or opening for arrow retrieval) on the top of the quiver like some designs would not have worked. I knew if I tried with a clip on a strap over a top opened quiver it would hang lower than I wanted. So I decided on this design.



I find this Leather Side Quiver great for walking through the brush. You can guide it with little effort. I’ve been in and out of standing corn, through brush and weeds, and over blow downs and it seems to work like a charm.

It’s also easy on and easy off.

Died with Fiebing’s Leather Dye

I like to still hunt and I always hunt from the ground. With my DIY Tree Seat **Improved Version** hanging off my day pack and this style quiver everything works together. I can walk and sit wherever I want, and easily retrieve an arrow while crouched behind a tree or bush. 

It also works well for target or 3D shooting. 



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