Making A Traditional Wood Bow – Those Are The Breaks

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Making A Traditional Wood Bow – Those Are The Breaks

If you want to make traditional style self bows, you will here this a lot, “if you’re not breaking ’em, you’re not Maki ’em”

This is a very true statement. I’ve posted some and I’ll try to add new ones as I have them. I tend to perform a lot of experiments. It’s good learning experiences and teaches where the limits can be pushed. 

Here are a few of mine. 

This first one I most likely over stressed the wood. Remember you should not pull beyond your desired draw weight when tillering and do not keep pulling with a problem. Always fix the bad tillering until pulling further.


This is likely just trying to push it to far, bad design. It was going to be similar to this bow.


Just a bad piece of wood. I did try to fix it but that failed to.


You can’t really blame this next one on me, but I did save it. 



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