Maple Backed Walnut Flat Bow


Maple Backed Walnut Flat Bow

I think it’s ready for Tru oil. It started pulling 64#@28″ Which is a little heavier than I expected and an little heavy for me right now. I decided to work it down to 58#@28″. Now it’s shooting nice.

The Maple back is thinned and tapers short of the nock. It looks like a grabbed some ash for the nock instead of maple. I must have been multi tasking that day and not paying a close attention as I should have.

The bow is 2″ wide at the widest.

String is braided 15 (3 – 5 strands each) strands BCY B55 Polyester Bowstring with .030 BCY Halo Serving.

Tied on artificial sinew for the arrow nock



Thanks For looking.

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