My Bowyer Library

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My Bowyer Library

Traditional Bowyers Bible Vol 1 – 4

This is the first set of books I bought. Traditional Bowyers Bible Vol 1 – 4 is so full of information it’s information overload. You will read these again and again. I don’t find them to be books you just read cover to cover but you will read chapters at a time and some you will just keep reading over and over as you learn more and build bows

Traditional Bowyer’s Handbook: How to build wooden bows and arrows: longbows, selfbows, & recurves. This is also an excellent book. Much shorter than any of the above volumes but it is a very good starting point. Clay focuses more on Osage bows, but his whitewood information is quite helpful as well

Wooden Bows: What I Wish I’d Known When I Started

An absolute excellent book. It can be read in an evening and is choked full of information on bow building and design. It focuses on whitewood and give some recommended dimensions which is very helpful

Stick and String: A Beginner’s Guide to Building Laminated Fiberglass Longbows

Good detailed instruction on building fiberglass bows. I probably wouldn’t have bought it if I knew it was only for fiberglass, but there is still helpful information in it. If you plan to build all wood bows, I’d skip it. If your interested in fiberglass bows, it’s a great book.

Making Wooden Arrows: A Master’s Guide

I did not like this book. It was more about to to become certified than how to build arrows, I actually sent it back. The only book I’ve ever returned.

The American Longbow: How to Make One, and Its Place in a Good Life

Good detailed instruction on building a fiberglass American Longbow.  If you plan to build all wood bows, I’d skip it. If your interested in fiberglass bows, it’s a great book.


The Bent Stick   (Paul Comstock)

This book is published like it is a photocopied book, but it’s loaded with good information. It also gives some history  of processes that were updated and refined. Paul has been making bows so long he mentions how some of the processes and thoughts developed. A good book but I’d recommend that the Traditional Bowyers Bible Vol 1 – 4 come first.

Complete Bow Wood Collection Volumes 1- 4

This set isn’t exactly what I thought it would be, but it’s still a cool read. It’s a copulation of articles from Primitive Archer magazines in the past. I expected more different types of wood, but there is still valuable information to be had. I would wait until you’re sure you will continue building bows before this purchase

Complete Set of Golden Treasure Series Arrow Making Volumes 1-4

Same comments as above.

A subscription of your choice for this magazine is a well worth expense.



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