My First Self Arrows Shafts

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My First Self Arrows

This was my first attempt at making my own arrows. I made a jig for holding square stock to be planed into round. The jig is just two pieces of wood with a 45 degree groove to hold the shaft as I plane it.

In researching for what kind of wood to use, I found almost everything from pine to hickory mentioned. 

Here I am using poplar.

I start by splitting the lumber to make sure the arrow has straight grain. If it doesn’t split straight from one end to the other I don’t use it.

I plane the end smooth and rip 3/8″ x 3/8″ squares. 

Using a block Plane to round the square

Using a block Plane I’m rounding the square stock into as close to a dowel shape as I can. 

Using a molding Plane to round the square
Using a molding Plane to round the square

I tried both the block plane and molding plane. Each seemed to work about equally well. The block plane is a bit easier to adjust but the molding plane may have saved just a little in sanding.

Sanding with a cordless drill


i actually think with a little more practice with the block plane the drill may not even be necessary. 

Sanding with a block
Sanding with a block

This block has a hollow I made by drilling a hole slightly larger than the arrow diameter and cutting the block in half right down the center of the hole.

A completed rounding of the shaft

A complete round shaft

Here I should have tapered the nock end. Marking 2 line at 6″ and 9″. Lightly plane to the 6″ line then to the 9″ line for a slight taper. 

I cut the nocks with a band saw and sanded them (I actually used the 2×72 grinder…very carefully) 

I then wrapped them with artificial sinew.

Using the band saw I cut the shafts to the proper length



  1. Hello, I’m wondering if you can tell me what size would you use to make your drink out of and is it a 45° angle?
    I would like to make one for myself, but I am overthinking it lol

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