Nucanoe’s Ultimate 10 Fishing Kayak

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I decided to dive into kayak fishing. This type of vehicle seemed like a good step to get back to some seroius fishing. After a lot of research, reading, watching videos, and talking talking talking, dreaming dreaming dreaming, I settled on the Nucanoe’s U10. The Ultimate isn’t new, but the 10 foot version is.


The reasoning behind this purchase was this:

  • A Local dealer      Vermont Unlimited – Bennington VT
  • Based on research this was one of the most stable kayaks available 
  • At 10’6″ it would fit in the back of my truck
  • At 10’6″ it would be easier to haul along with the camper
  • It would except two seats for an occasional second rider (to be tested when the weather clears )
  • It can be powered by paddles, peddles, electric or gas motors. 


Needing some storage I opted for a diy egg crate type of deal. Some 1 1/2″ aluminum pipe I had laying around seemed to fit the bill just right.

As of this writing it’s been on the water once. A solo excursion to Mill Pond in Grafton, just to test it out. No motor, just paddling and fishing. Fish were not being cooperative and there was a wind, but it did ok. It was my first time in a kayak, so I don’t have anything other than a canoe to compare it to. There will be more in future post.

Also added some Fishing Rod Floats Tubes for Kayaking to the fishing rods. 


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