Oak Table Restoration

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This table was my wife’s parents. They got it when a friend was going to throw it out around 50 years ago (maybe more than 50). Her mother told my wife she could have it before she passed away several years ago. We figure its been in her parents basement (which flooded quit frequently) for 30 years. She figured it was finally time to bring it home and fix’er up.

Shortly after it went in the basement her mother started stripping and sanding the top. Since then, its been the storage shelf for every paint can and rusty coffee can in the basement.

But its got some character and deserves to be salvaged.

So I decided to flatten it as is. The cracks are tight, and the top solid.

Then a coat of mahogany stain. I think its going to need another coat or two, but its pretty close.

Next I need to deal with the feet. I’m still on the fence on these. I may turn a new section. The table is only about 29” high so this will allow me to raise it a little at the same time.

The rest will just get cleaned up with lemon oil and left as it is.


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