Osage Flat bow 6-21 – Windtalker

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Osage Flat bow 6-21 – Windtalker

  • Bow name – Windtalker (I’m not sure why, it just sounded right)
  • 44# @ 28″
  • 66″ tip to tip
  • Bone tips
  • Rawhide backing died with Fiebing’s Leather Dye
  • The bow is also died with Fiebing’s Leather Dye
  • Belly has been heat treated
  • Final weight (with handle and backing) 22.6 oz 

This is probably my last Osage bow for a while. I do not have easy access to it. I had acquired several chunks of Osage through some horse trading and this is the end of it.

Osage Flat bow 6-21 - Windtalker - Size Chart

T= Thickness
W= Width



Chronograph results

Name: Osage Flat bow 6-21 – Windtalker-4
Notes: 640gr arrows
Shots: 7
Average: 137 ft/s
SD: 2 ft/s
Min: 134 ft/s
Max: 140 ft/s
Spread: 6 ft/s
Barometric Pressure: 29 in Hg
Temperature: 30 F



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