Straightening a Warped Wood Bow

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This will be my first post on my bow making experience. I finished this bow last fall. I started it about 35 years ago. As they say, better late than never.

It’s Laminated cherry & oak with rawhide backing. The quiver is made from an old pair of sandals.

As you can see, this next bow has a warp. I started this bow about 35 years ago as well as the first one in this post. I really don’t remember if the warp was there, or it’s from the way it’s been stored all these years, but we’re about to fix it. So this is hoe I Straightening a Warped Wood Bow.


Note the heat gun being held over the top of the limb as I’m straightening the limb in the vise. You obviously don’t need a vise to do this, but it did the trick.

I coated the limb with BLO. I’m not sure if it’s really necessary, but it also didn’t hurt.


For an example of removing a twist, see this bow —>


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