White Oak, Ash Backed Bow with Bloodwood Handle and Power Lam

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White Oak Ash Backed Bow with Bloodwood Handle and Power Lam

  • 50# @ 28″
  • 56″ tip to tip
  • 1/4″ x 12″ bloodwood power lam
  • 9″ handle and site window/arrow shelf
  • Tapers to tips start at 14″ from center
  • 3/8″ tips with bloodwood overlays.
  • Limbs about 1 5/8″ at the widest
  • The String is braided 15 (3 – 5 strands each – red/black/orange) strands BCY B55 Polyester Bowstring with .030 BCY Halo Serving.

I am hoping the pictures tell most of the story. This was laminated with a slight deflex-reflex. For this form i got a piece of 2″x2″ steel. No worries about anything sticking to it. The reflex, deflex is made by blocking up the middle and tips similar to this one.

I started with 5/4″ white oak 2″ wide. I used titebond 3. 




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