Whitetail Magic – Book Review

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As I’m writing this I have  about two chapters left in this book. The book isn’t what I thought it would be. This book is written from the perspective of a true and dedicated trophy hunter, and although I’m not and never have been a trophy hunter, there can be a lot to learn from this book.

Besides the teaching, which was an indirect style, the book is well written and easy to follow. The nice part of the book is Roger tells of his failures and misses right along with the successes.

There are times in the book I had to stop and wonder how I’ve ever managed to actually shoot some of the deer I’ve shot.

The book also reminded me of what hunting was like in the 70s and 80s, before the most common way to “hunt” (at least for what I encountered) was to climb in a tree stand and wait to kill something.

The book also came at a most opportune time for me. This year is the first year I’ve seriously bow hunted in a long time, and I made the decision a tree stand wasn’t going to be part of it. Although Roger spent a fair amount of time in a tree stand, a tree stand was part of a strategy, not THE strategy, which has given me hope.

Bottom line, if you’re a serious deer hunter, especially a serious bow hunter you will be glad you read this book.

Of course if you just want to climb in a tree stand and wait for something to walk by, it’ll give you something to bring along and pass the time, and you may just find the errors of your way!


It can be ordered here https://www.tradgang.com/tgsmf/index.php?topic=161278.0 




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