Xmas Plate Rack

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The wife has been going back and forth on a plate rack. She was looking for an antique rack, but has been unable to find one to fit her needs. My instructions were keep it simple, you know I don’t like fancy. So I need to keep it simple.

I had some poplar that I cut a few years ago, so it would be perfect. This will be a painted project. I hope you can follow along.

So for a basic design and layout. No she won’t be using these plates in this thing, but if it broke, this one would be ok.

So I got eh side layout approved. I hope you can see were its headed with the not so great picture.

Next I screwed the 2 side pieces together so I could cut them out all at once.

Then sized a few more pieces. I’ll get some hand tool use, so for this task I’ll bring on the power.

Off to the bandsaw to cut out the curves.

The central machine for the curves works well,

But the straignt cut is the Walker Turners job.

All saw cuts get cleaned up with the #65.

Holes gets drilled for the dowels.

I thought about getting out the shooting board, but the bench hook and the 65 worked just fine for the minor adjusting.

Some layout work for the hanger plate.

And handsaw work to natch for it.

counter sinking.

And now for the plate grooved piece. We’ll start with the #604 jack. The cambered cut worked like a charm.

Even out the top a little with the Smoother #604

grab the largest hollow I have and cut the groove.

So with the dowels cut and temporarily in place we’ll test out the hollow. It looks good for my taste.

And some more clean up with the 65.

And that’s all I had time for today. Tomorrow should be plugging some screw holes and other cleanup getting it ready for paint. I could have sworn I took a shot of it dry fitted, but you’ll need to image what it looks like until tomorrow.

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