Finally, a leg vise

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Finally, a leg vise  originally published May 26, 2011 

And maybe some of you remember some wood I got. It was 2″ thick, about 9″ wide and consisted of oak, birch and polar. I’m not sure what it was cut for, but it was headed for a fireplace. It has been outside for a while, so it has a rustic look.

Window Wood Wheel Art Flooring


Wood Flooring Floor Tints and shades Road surface

Well one of the pieces of oak seemed to have Leg Vice written all over it.

Wood Table Natural material Plank Wood stain


Air gun Wood Trigger Shotgun Floor

So, grab the #6 and start to straighten it up.

Wood Wood stain Flooring Hardwood Gas

Wood Wood stain Hardwood Tool Lumber


Plane Smoothing plane Wood Wood stain Floor


Wood Flooring Floor Wood stain Table

Make it nice with the Veritas scraper.

Wood Hardwood Wood stain Flooring Lumber

Round the edges with the Sargent 5206

Wood Wood stain Hand tool Hardwood Plank

Countersink the screw. Note the mark on the drill for the proper depth.

Wood Gas Household hardware Hardwood Fixture


Wood Hand tool Kitchen utensil Gas Hardwood

Mark and cut the taper

Wood Gas Flooring Milling Wood stain

Again the #6 to clean up the bandsaw marks.

Plane Rebate plane Wood Smoothing plane Scrub plane

Grab the #3 to round over the bottom.

Plane Smoothing plane Scrub plane Block plane Jack plane

Drilled the Leg, counter sunk the screw and attached.
Made the positioning pieces for the bottom.

Wood Wood stain Hardwood Gas Plank

Gave it a good coat of BLO.

And I now have a Leg vice. FINALLY

Wood Chair Hardwood Wood stain Gas


Wood Wood stain Natural material Hardwood Plank


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