DIY Beam Compass

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Here is the beam compass made for the 2013-2014 Lumberjock swap. The compass is made to be used with either the marking pins or a pencil. User’s choice. The marking pin can be removed or left in place and the pencil extended past it when using the pencil for marking.

I actually made 2 so I’d have one for myself. I’ve wanted one forever. Every time I’d need a circle I’d stick a nail in a piece of scrap with a hole for a pencil and bitch at myself for not taking the time to make a set. This swap forced me into it and its about time!

For the one that got sent to Terry, The trammels are made from cherry, with the spot holding the points of bloodwood. The beam is quarter sawn white oak, from this tree, The one I kept is made from oak and maple scraps.

The finish is shellac.

The points are made from a 12″ hardened roofing screws. The ¼” x 20 set screws are holding them and are threaded directly into the cherry. These are meant to hold the pins from falling out when the tool is picked up, so they do not need to be very tight. Downward force is exerted to the cross bolt, so the set screw doesn’t do that work.

The cross bolts are stainless.

To extend the circle longer than the existing circumference possibilities, any 1″ x ¾” piece of stock may be used, making the size theoretically limitless.


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