DIY Mauser 30-06

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I built this rifle in 1996. It probably took me to a year or so to complete but the experience was well worth the effort.

Action – Mauser 1908 98

Here are the steps i took.

I removed the original barrel. I wasn’t concerned about saving the original 7mm barrel. After wrapping a rope and other tricks that didn’t work. I used a pipe wrench. The action was in a lead covered vise.

Installed a Shiland Barrel. It was a Short chambered barrel from Brownell’s. I bought the go-no-go gauge and reamer.

Cut the bolt and turned it down. Rewelded it.

Lapped the bolt

Hinged the floorplate. I used the existing latch with an extended floor plate release

I reworked the original trigger guard. It was tapered with a series of holes drilled

A Precise Machinery safety installed. (Milling for the safety was the only task i farmed out)

Drilled and tapped. Weaver mounts installed. #45, #46 Weaver rings

The butternut stock I made from a tree I cut and Milled. Wenge tip and corion spacer.

Pachmer 7/8″ recoil PadInletted sling mounts made from existing sling holders

Blued with Brownells Dicropan IM

Leapold 3.5 x 10 x 40 Vari XIII Blued Gloss Black Installed



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