Testing Fiberglass Mesh Sheetrock Tape for Bow Backing

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Testing Fiberglass Mesh Sheetrock Tape for Bow Backing

I had this hickory bow made from a stave. It broke as shown in the Pictures so I tried to glue it and back it with fiberglass sheetrock tape.

I strongly suggest you leave the sheetrock tape to your next sheetrock job. First it didn’t work, but I wouldn’t recommend it even if it had.

I’ve worked with fiberglass on other jobs. If you do try it (maybe being stubborn like me) MAKE SURE YOU WEAR A RESPORATOR! Fiberglass is nasty.

It looks terrible. I wasn’t even going to sand it back to see if it worked, but eventually thought if it did, I could back it with paper or fabric. I should have stuck with my first thought. 

It was a waste of time money and materials. I usually don’t mind if I learn something, but this was annoying.

If you decide to try it, don’t say I didn’t warn you.



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