DIY Tree Seat **Improved Version**

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DIY Tree Seat **Improved Version**

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This is an improved version of my version of  Tree-seat Whitetails – The Bowyer’s Edge with Dean Torges  that I posted here —->

What make this one better? First its more versatile. Second, it’s lighter, third, it’s easier to set up, forth, its easier to carry.

Lets look at the more versatile part. 

  • You don’t actually need a tree. It will actually stand on it’s own like a pedestal seat. Just put the post in the center hole and sit. As long as you can balance yourself, you can take a load off anywhere. Want to hide out behind some tall grass in the middle of a field? This can help.
  • In the center position you can still lean it against a tree, a large rock, a blow down or any vertical surface. 
  • Go ahead and strap it to a tree by using the front hole for the pedestal. Works very similar to the first tree seat in this position, except it’s using the pedestal instead of the ropes. 
  • Since it is using the pedestal instead of the ropes, a smaller seat is just as comfortable (for me anyhow)
  • It breaks down smaller and quicker so it’s easier to carry in your pack or snapped to it.
  • It’s lighter. Commercial versions weight in at about 7#. This version is under 3# with everything you see in the pictures.
  • You happened to find a rotten jagged wet stump in a perfect spot! Just set the seat on top of it. 
  • Did you ever want to sit three rows in a cornfield to catch that deer always walking the edge? This is perfect for that.

I’ve made a couple of these. All out of scraps. 1/2″ plywood is fine for the seat. This version was stained with some left over dark minwax stain I had laying around the shop. Not a great looking job, but good enough to beat around the woods with. It also has a few coats of exterior spar varnish so it should last a long time.

The pedestal is just a 1″ x 1″ hardwood square with two cross members glue with a dado. 

The ground platform is just to help keep it from sinking in the ground.

The strap is only needed when strapped to a tree.

Reinforcement pieces are just scrap hardwood.

Hole for the pedestal are 1″. Holes for the hooks are 9/16″

Note a few extra holes? This seat was a test piece for the first hanging type seat. With the ropes holding it up, the seat felt to small. Without the ropes, it’s perfect. This one is roughly 12″ x 12″.


Happy Hunting!!!!


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