DIY Bow Target

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DIY Bow Target

I shoot bow both inside my shop and outdoors. This is my inside target. Outside I’ve been using bales of hay and inside cardboard boxes strapped and banded with a ratchet strap. Both work ok but occasionally arrows find a hole.

Edit: Here is my new outside target

Today I decided to make a target from some old carpet pad. Oddly, it worked to well. Arrows basically bounced off it. So I found something I had on hand that would make a good backstop. 

I decided to wrap 2 straps around the cardboard box just to hold it together and cut it in half, then ratchet strap the two halves together. With the carpet pad as a backing, it the occasional hole wouldn’t be a problem. I cut the compress cardboard with the chain saw. I was amazed how hard it cut.

It’s definitely not the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen, but it works fantastic and it didn’t cost me a dime.

I also hung some of the carpet pad behind the bales of hay.  Now if I hit a weak spot the arrow just sits there waiting for me to pull it out.

When the cardboard gets shot out, I will make the next one a couple inches thinner.



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