The Hunters Galoot Points

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The number scores are subject to change 

Not every hunter has the inclination to hunt only big antlers. And most of us are in locations where seeing 10 B&C scoring buck in a season is only a dream. This hunter may not have the time or money to take on such a venture as only shooting buck that will score. It typically takes a trip to Texas or the Mid west to see such an opportunity and life and life’s priorities just don’t allow for such luxuries.

That doesn’t mean we can’t compete, either with ourselves or others in our prowess as a hunter. We all hear about primitive archery and traditional archery, but the definitions are far and wide. Hunting with a self bow doesn’t necessarily mean primitive hunting. This is meant to be a scoring process for your hunting, not the size of the antlers taken.

Obviously older animals become smarter and are harder to hunt, but the score should be a relationship to the area as well as just the size of the antlers. 

Your welcome to play and post your results on,, facebook, instagram, or whatever medium you frequent or just keep track for your own enjoyment and see how your hunting prowess improves over the years to come.



Hunters Galoot points

Add points for all rows. If the row is not true, add a zero. For instance if you built the self bow you would get 2 points for it being a self bow and 2 points for building it yourself for a total of 4 points. If your hunting with a rifle you add zero, for a pistol you add 0.5
Everyone going hunting starts with 10 points
If you highlight the table and open a Google sheet, it will be there or you can copy paste into excel

1..|..Your Hunting!10
2..|..You're hunting with a bow +2
3..|..It's a selfbow+2
4..|..You built the bow yourself +2
5..|..It's a self built fiberglass bow +1
6..|..You built the arrows+1
7..|..You built the arrow from mostly self harvested material+1
8..|..You built the arrows from all self harvested materials+1
9..|..For High Powered Rifle+0
10..|..For a High Powered pistol+1
11..|..For Cross bow+.5
12..|..You hunted from a tree stand -1
13..|..You hunted from the ground with purchased blinds+2
14..|..You hunted from the ground, no blind or a natural blind+3
15..|..It's a professionally guided hunt -3
16..|..It's being guided by a friend or amateur guide-1
17..|..You stalked your prey+3
18..|..For bucks only+.5
19..|..You hunted a specific animal (that one 8 pointer) +4
20..|..It's was on a preserve or farm dedicated to raising or studying whitetails-5
21..|..You hunted over automatic feeders-4
22..|..Wind chill was below 30 degrees Fahrenheit +2
23..|..Digital trail cams where used-1
24..|..Cellular trail cams where used-4
25..|..You have to hike more than an hour to get to your spot+1




Some typical scores


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