Oak Board Bow with Walnut Backing

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Oak Board Bow with Walnut Backing – An American Flat Bow style

A slight recurve at 7″ This was done on a form with dry heat prior to adding the backing.

@70″ I tillered it out to 39.5#@28″

I shorted an inch off each end to bring it up to 41#@28″. I left it at 41#.

It is 2″ wide at the widest.

At 8″ off center it is 5/8″ thick

At 16″ off center it is 19/32″ thick tapered to the tip

Handle is walnut

I’ve found it best when gluing the wood backing to wrap the whole thing with an old bicycle tire cut into a strip,  leaving gaps between the wrap so air can get to the glue. I then clamp it with stickers as well. Let it sit for several hours (or over night) then unwrap and let it set over nigh again. I’m gluing with titebond III.

The String is braided 15 (3 – 5 strands each) strands BCY B55 Polyester Bowstring with .030 BCY Halo Serving.




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