Arrow Shaft/Dowel Maker – Take Three

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Arrow Shaft/Dowel Maker – Take Three

Remember bad arrows break. Keep your grain straight and test them well.

They’re several types and styles of a dowel and/or arrow makers using power. I couldn’t seem to get any of them to work well (and by well without needing a lot of sanding), until I out this together. It to took some tinkering and some trial and error, but this works well, even on footed arrows.

To make this, drill two size holes for the shaft guide. Drill about half way through the  block with a bit large enough for the square stock to spin ( I used 9/16″) then the exact size of the arrow. This jig shown is for 11/32, but I may make a 3/8″ as well.

A straight router bit will work, but I found a round over bit works best. I’m using a 1/2″ because it’s what I had.

I don’t think you’d necessarily need a pipe out the back like i have, but you’ll want something to keep it from whipping out the back. The pipe works very well.

As with my type two maker, I needed the speed of the electric drill.

The end cutout I made by drilling first down from the top, then using the band saw. I only drilled about half way down, I then clamped some guides on the router table and fed it in. You want the cut right on the edge of the small out feed hole.




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