Hickory Recurve Bow – Break Fix

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Hickory Recurve Bow – Break Fix

After shooting the Hickory Recurve Selfbow in an American Flatbow Style  for a while, it decide to develop a break. If you’ve never had this happen, it’s a bit of a surprise. It was as loud as a gun shot. Since the break was on the back of the bow, I wasn’t even sure what had happened. I looked around to see what had gone off. The arrow was actually right beside the target, but I didn’t even think to look there, I figured it was off in the woods somewhere!


I decided to try a fix for this. I started by repairing the crack with a good epoxy. I then wrapped it with some jute twine. This was laid in 2 part epoxy then coated and soaked with epoxy.

I decided to make the repair look more like it was planned, and made the wrap symmetrical, adding a section to both limbs. This also had an added benefit of wrapping a similar knot on the other end of the bow, just for added safety. I added some black cord as well for a little artistic flare. 

I’m happy with the repair so far. I will keep shooting and update if it fails, but I think it should be good. I really like the way the bow shoots. It’s a pleasure shooting it.



It’s also great to be shooting outside in more pleasant weather here in the north east. Spring has finally sprung. What a long winter it has been!


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